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ALLIED: Indutores, Beads, Chokes, Bobinas Flat e Radiais, Componentes Magnéticos em Geral.

Inductors: Air Core, Axial Coated, Axial Molded, Axial Shielded, Ceramic Core Chip, Ferrite Core Chip, High Frequency Chip, Low Resistance Chip, Molded Chip, Multilayer Chip, Power Chip High Current, Power Chip, Power Chip Low Profile, Power Chip Shielded, Radial Bobbin & Radial Drum Core. Beads: High Current, Multilayer Chip & Wound Ferrite. Chokes: Axial High Current, Axial Power, Radial High Current & Toroidal. RJ45 Connectors with Integrated Magnetics, 10/100/1000 Ethernet & PoE Lan Magnetics, Toroids, Standard & Custom Transformers.

RARA: Resistores Especiais, Instrumentos e Equipamentos Especiais.

Wire Wound, Power Film, RF, Current Sensing, Precision, High Voltage Resistors, Ultra Low Resisteance Chip, Bulk Ceramic Resistors. High Power Resistors: Neutral Grounding, Load Banks, Motor Control, Harmonic Filters, Liquid Rheostats, Dynamic Braking Resistors. Equipments: Film Heaters, Glass Epoxy Carbon Heater. Special Instruments: Novo-Gloss Trio, Novo-Curve Glossmeter, Minimum Film-Forming Temperature Bar,  Milli-Ohmmeter, Novo-Shade,  Nove-Haze. Protectors: Miniature Fuse Smart Protector Time Lag Type, Rectangular Thermal Cut-Off Resistor, SMD Smart Protector, Telecomunication Surge Absorber. Potentiometers.

RECTRON: Diodos e Transistores.


Discrete Rectifiers: SMA, SMB, SMC, Glass Passivated, Schottky, Super Fast, Ultra Fast, Fast Recovery, High Voltage. Bridge Rectifiers: Surface Mount, DIP, SIP, Mini-Dip, 1A-35A Bridges, Glass Passivated, Fast Recovery. TVS/ Zenner: Surface Mount, P4KE, P6KE, 1.5KE, Various Zenners.

SAMXON & X-CON: Capacitores Eletrolíticos.


Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Miniature Type, General Purpose, Low Impedance Type, High Reability Type, High Temperature Type, For Audio Type, Non-polarized Type, Pen Cap Type. Large Can Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Standard Type, High Reliability Type, Screw Terminal Type. V-Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Surface Mount Type. Conductive Polimer Aluminum Solid Capacitors: Radial Leaded Type, V-Chip Type.

NANOFORCE & NANOCHARGE: Modulos de Supercapacitores e Modulos/ Sistemas de Bateria Recarregável de Lítio-Ion.

Power Tools & Short-Term UPS Module, Car DVR UPS Module, EV Auto Start Module, HEV/ EV Module UPS Module for Wind Turbine Blade Pitch Control, Energy Storage System for Wind Power/ Heavy Industry,  Energy Regeneration System for Rail Transportation, Diesel Engine Starting Module, EBike/ E-Motor Module, EDLC with Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Module for E-Bike.

SLEEK: Fusíveis e Acessórios.


SMD Fuse: 0603, 1206, 1810 Sizes. Micro Fuse, Miniature Fuse: Fast Blow, Slow Blow, Quick Acting and Time Lag. Telecommunication Fuse: Glass, Ceramic Tube. Auto Fuse, Fuse Accessories: Clips, Holders, Blocks.


VIKING: Resistores e Capacitores.



SMD Resistors, Network Resistors, Melf Resistors, Leaded Resistors, Autmotive Grade Resistors, Power Resistors. Multilayer Chip Resistors.


NETSOL: Memórias SRAM.



Asynchronous Fast SRAM, Asynchronous Low Power SRAM, Synchronous SRAM, DDR SRAM, QDR SRAM, Custom SRAM, NAND Flash.


LIGITEK: LED, Lighting, Customized LED, Special application LED.



SMD LED, LED Lamp and Display, LED Lamp Assembly, HUD (Head Up Display), High Power LED, Light Bar, Invisible LED, High Power Infrared LED, Customized Lighting, Special Application Products: Photovoltaic Solar, Automobile and Motorcycle LED, E-Bike LEDs, UV module, Mass Transit and MRT System app module LED.


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